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Old Brobecks interview with Dallon.

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So I've been into Panic! at the disco for a long time, but I heard a brobecks song for the first time the other day and wow! They're amazing. Joining a new fandom is hard and I was looking for a place to start. Is Dallon Weekes the singer? Who are the other members? And what are some songs I should listen to? Which ones are your favorite?

Oh my gosh I’m so happy you’re getting into them!! Dallon is indeed the singer but not on every track. There are a few songs that are sung by another guy who was in the band for awhile and I don’t remember his name. But Dallon sings most of the songs. As far as the other members, there have been quite a few over the years. The most notable members would be Ryan Seaman (drums, now plays for Falling In Reverse), Mike Gross (guitar), and Matt Glass (drums and photography and videography and other instruments too.) Connor Doyle is another notable long-time member. Some songs you should listen to: Die Alone, Better Than Me, Small Cuts, West of California, Aeroplanes, Visitation of The Ghost, Le Velo Pour Deux, Love At First Sight, I’d Be a Punk, Boring, Second Boys… and everything else lol.

My personal favorites are Die Alone, I’d Be a Punk, and Better Than Me. :)

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possibly a few others too, realizing I dont have aeroplanes or anything ugh, i have nearly all of goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow, have all of happiest nuclear (I believe) not sure if i have all the songs from the eps, most of Understanding, and I have everything from violent things. I don't know how much im missing due to the brobecks fandom being unfortunately small =/

Well you should get everything you can off the Brobecks Bandcamp site because Dallon needs the money, but as for the stuff that isn’t on there I don’t really know what to say. I’ve tried uploading files before but they always get deleted and it’s just a big hassle to try and go through my folders and upload them. I uploaded the full discography once but the site deleted them all :/

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Any way I could get a dl link for some of the few songs I don't have?

Possibly, which ones did you need?

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do you by any chance happen to know where i can find the lyrics to 'aeroplanes' ive been looking and looking and i tried to do it by ear but some parts are hard to hear and i just wanna make sure i have the correct words

I’m afraid not, love :/ I can’t find them either. You could tweet Dallon and ask him about it? Maybe he’ll respond. I’m sorry I can’t help more!

If anyone knows the answer and where to find the lyrics to Aeroplanes, please message me!

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West Of California
The Brobecks
Goodnight, And Have A Pleasant Tomorrow
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West of California » Goodnight, And Have a Pleasant Tomorrow

I’ll make a home inside of the ocean

West of California

Where it’s warm