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do you by any chance happen to know where i can find the lyrics to 'aeroplanes' ive been looking and looking and i tried to do it by ear but some parts are hard to hear and i just wanna make sure i have the correct words

I’m afraid not, love :/ I can’t find them either. You could tweet Dallon and ask him about it? Maybe he’ll respond. I’m sorry I can’t help more!

If anyone knows the answer and where to find the lyrics to Aeroplanes, please message me!

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West Of California
The Brobecks
Goodnight, And Have A Pleasant Tomorrow
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West of California » Goodnight, And Have a Pleasant Tomorrow

I’ll make a home inside of the ocean

West of California

Where it’s warm

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Dallon Weekes Interview


Interview with Dallon while he was with The Brobecks talking about Violent Things/the band in general

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the brobecks violent things+ snapchat

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The Brobecks covering “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” in Salt Lake City, 2010

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The Brobecks are life actually

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ok i know the graphic is kinda crappy but just ignore that

Hello, everyone!! This network came from an idea between neilpatrickhummus and I to get the brobecks tag on here going again and just to have a place where fans of The Brobecks and Dallon Weekes can come together !!

how to enter

  • reblog this post; likes count as bookmarks
  • it would be cool if you would follow me and Gabi but you don’t have to it’s cool
  • fill out this survey so I can know a little about you
looking for
  • people who really really love the brobecks and dallon weekes and that’s about it
  • and be friendly don’t be a butt
other stuff
  • i’ll open the network up as soon as people show interest but you can keep reblogging and keep this going and i’ll keep adding people
  • i will need your email to add you of course, so have your ask open
so that’s about it!! hopefully we’ll all get new close friends and be able to show our love for this awesome band
also, there will be a tag, so check #thebrobecksnetwork for any sort of update or anything!

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Didn't Mean To
The Brobecks
Understanding The Brobecks
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Didn’t Mean To » Understanding The Brobecks

I didn’t mean to creep you out

Sometimes it’s alright to scream and shout.. it out!